Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Jacob!!!

I couldn't let the day end w/out wishing my 2nd son, Jacob, a very "Happy 6th Birthday!!!" Not only is he my "2nd son," but he is also my "baby!!!" :)) He has grown soooo, soooo much in the past year and I am soooo proud of him!!! He started kindergarten and gets on the bus and rides to school and does all the "big kid" things that "big kids" do! :))
Happy Birthday, Jacob (aka Mario)!!!! I love you!!!!
Mommy (aka Peach)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jackson's 11 Yr. Pics!!!

Just wanted to post some of Jackson's "11th Birthday" pics!!! His b-day was Feb. 6th, but the weather is always so yucky then, soooooooooo we wait!!! lol!!! :) I know we could take some indoor pics if we wanted to, but we never get around to doing it. By the time we are ready...............................VOILA, the weather is better, too!!!! :) These are just a few that we took and........................the weather didn't really cooperate, either. It was VERY windy which made it difficult to get a good pic. Plus, Jack just had his hair cut a couple of wks. ago and it is ALREADY long again!!! It was hard getting his hair to cooperate also. lol!!!! :)) I am just happy we got a few pics that we can use! :)) Jack is such a great kid and I am sooooo proud of him. He is playing the piano and has been on honor roll all year (and this has been a HARD year {schoolwise} if I do say so myself)!!! He started a new school (grades k-4 are in a different building and he is now in 5th). The 5th graders go to a new school and they also go from one main teacher (not including art, music and gym) to "3" main teachers "plus" art, music and gym! It was a BIG transition and very different from what we were used too! Jack seems to glide more easily thru things like this (much more easily than his mama ever did). I truly am VERY proud of him and the future man he is becoming! I am thrilled to be a part of it and will always be his biggest cheerleader!!!!!
I LOVE YOU, JACKSON - my firstborn!!!!!!
Love, Mom

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Comings and Goings

Man, I don't even know where to start. Don't worry, this isn't a bad post or anything; in fact, it is quite the opposite. :) I just don't know where to begin actually. :) Okay, let's see: I have had the privilege of meeting up w/some very "old" friends of mine. By "old" I mean that I have known them for YEARS!!!!! We have had some wonderful experiences and LOTS of FUN times!!!!! We go back..............waaaaaaay back!!!! We have kept in touch over the years, but at times, we lose touch for several yrs. at a time as well. Sooooo, in the last few months, we have "met back up" via facebook (gotta love it) and I have enjoyed their company immensely (we have gone to lunch and had a day-long shopping trip, too). It has gotten me to thinking, tho, about the many people who come and go throughout our lives! When you are at different points in your life and are close w/a person (persons), you aren't really thinking that "someday" they might not be a part of your life any longer. Let's face it - we lose touch w/MANY people who once mattered a great deal to us! I don't know about you, but I have times when I think of these people and wonder about them (What are they doing? What did they become? Are they happy? Do they ever think of me?). I am realizing how lucky I am to have had sooooo many good people in my life through the years!!!! I would be lying, tho, if I didn't admit, that it also makes me sad! I want to go back in time and tell them how much I love them!!!! Hug them at every opportunity!!!!! Let them know they were special to me!!!! I wonder what kind of friend I was to them. I mean, I think I was good, but....................WAS I?????? Could I have been better???? Did I make an impression on their life the way they did mine?? Soooo, I guess what I am trying to say is.................. I am lucky to have reconnected w/my "old" friends this past month!!! I am VERY thankful they have come back into my life!!! I missed them.......................a LOT!!!!!!!!! :)) But.............what about all the others? I know that many of them (most of them, probably) will simply be.......................a memory........................and that is fine! I am lucky to have such good memories of such wonderful people I have been honored to know! I am wondering, tho, if you "could" contact a dear "old" friend, would you??? If you had the opportunity, what would you do? Would you want to "be" contacted? Or....................should some things stay just that..................a memory?! I only ask b/c, I am sure, people don't even know the impact they have had on a life!!!! They couldn't know b/c even "we" don't know it at the time!!!!! "I" certainly didn't realize it - that is for sure!!!!
I guess a good lesson here would learn from this! Start treating the people in my life NOW as if they might not be there tomorrow! Now, don't read me wrong, I don't mean be all OCD about it. lol!!!! I just mean to treat them good! Don't be afraid to say "I love you!" Put simply.................just care.................and.................. be aware! People come and go throughout so many phases of our lives! Be aware of the good friends you have surrounding you today!!!!!! :)) I believe God gives us friends, at certain times, for a reason! And, then, some of these friends move on, to someone else who needs them more!
So, do me a favor, and whenever you think of an old friend, stop and say a prayer for them!!!! First, give thanks for them being a part of your life at one time, and then, say a prayer for their live now!!!! That is what I try and do and it helps b/c many of them......................... I MISS!!!!! I wish I knew then..............what I know now!!!! Maybe...............that's just life!!!!

I'm just feeling sad and I don't know why! I'm not even talking about death, either. Just old friends who I miss! :)) I wish I could tell them!!!! Maybe I'm just getting old!!!!! :)) lol!!!!!

I think I'm gonna end for now and ponder my thoughts!!!! hahaha
Have a good week!
Love, Cissa

P.S. After a little bit of pondering, I am realizing that a great song by Kenny Chesney may just "sum up" what I am feeling! :)) It's called, "I Go Back" and it is very good! Soooo, maybe, Cissa is just "going back" and remembering all my many "good" times!!!! Like I said, I am LUCKY to have LOTS of them!!!!! Here's to MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers!!!!!! :)))

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Have a great day!!! :)
Love, Cissa

Friday, March 06, 2009

Cissa's Sick Kiddos!! :(

Cissa has not ONE, but TWO sick little ones!!! Jacob got sick on Monday (fine one minute, sick the next) and Jack was sent home from school on Wednesday! Jake is better (still coughing and cold), but Jack had a high fever of 104 today (which is Friday)!!! It has been a LONG, HARD week for all of us!!! I haven't left the house the ENTIRE week!!!! I am keeping positive by being thankful that "I" am well and that "Mark" is well, too! Things can only go UP HILL from here! lol!!! :)
Say a prayer we get all of Jack's homework done this weekend! They sure assign a LOT, especially after you've been sick! Who feels like doing homework?? Oh well. That will get done, too! Postive thinking, Cissa!!!! :))

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Potter Boots :)

Now..........................................................................................................this is the life!!!! :)
I am trying my best to learn to relax and enjoy the simple things!!!! I am taking lessons from my cat!!! lol!!!!
Have a good weekend!
Love, Cissa

Sunday, February 08, 2009


This post is a couple of days behind, but I couldn't let the weekend go by w/out wishing Jackson, my first-born, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! He turned eleven on Friday (Feb. 6th). I thought last year was hard when he turned ten!!! I have had a year to get used to him being a "double digit," but I am learning that as each day passes, it doesn't get any easier. He is growing up and I am watching him turn into a man right before my very eyes!!!! It is soooo bittersweet!!! On one hand, I am so happy to be his mother and be a part of it and I can't wait to see what he becomes in life! I see so many possibilities! He has the world at his fingertips! But..........on the other side, I am still somewhat sad (as last year), b/c each step forward that he takes, I am left behind a little more! That may sound selfish, and I don't mean it to, I just see my baby growing and............selfish or not, a part of me would like him to stay my little boy FOREVER!!!!! :))
I want him to know how very, very proud of him I am!!!! He is such a great kid and I am proud to be his mom!!!!
Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!!
Love Ya Lots!!!!
Enjoy the pics! We snapped these on the porch on Friday (his real b-day). :))